Tuesday, April 6, 2010

30/30 Day 6

The Man My Woman Would Be

Before I couldn't stop the yes
Before they stopped asking
Before hankies and dance floors
And language for nothing, I knew

what I wanted. Flannel clad
chins, broad shoulders, no bullshit
Lots of laughs at the kids' expense.
Working man with a Harley.

The night Roseanne went butch
for Halloween, I was hidden
with the TV in a silk negligee
I stole from my mother.

With her big mouth
and beard-- she couldn't help
but find herself at the bow
of a bar fight. Me with my

busy hands-- couldn't breathe
with the silk on my belly
and moment Dan claimed
Roseanne as his husband--

went for the kiss and got
a taste of synthetic beard.

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