Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rather than or in addition to punching glass

"Find your work and do it"
"Find your work and do it"
"Find your work and do it"

And there is so much work to do.

And the explosion feeling is not enough
And the knowing you're going
to school and work and friends tomorrow
makes your scalp scream
And the weeping and reaching your hands up to the rain
feels like barely a muscle inching into the stretch it needs
And your sisters are not close enough
And if they were you don't know
if you'd best fuck them or pound on their hearts or kiss their eyelids
or just look at them
And say I love you
And I am sorry
And be silent without bursting
And you don't trust a single word that ricochets off your skull
but do know that
there is so much work to do
And so find your work
And do it
And it begins with trust
And from where you stand now
with your fingertips grown wetter
And your face grown wetter
And your jaw begging to know itself
a looser thing
it seems that if you do it
the work
it will end just where it begins
And you will trust a little better
Not without fear
But because of it


I want to not give up on this thing, but I don't know what it's resurrection will look like... For now, for the sake of tending neglect, here are a few loons based on postcards:

So throw me
To the docks and let
Me eat algae

They ask, does
The carpet match the drapes
Curly and blue?

I got off
To tank girl comic books
In third grade

Your nails are
Like elephant trainer barbie, so
Fungal and pink.

Darken the brow
Pinch the tit, and charge
A little extra.