Monday, July 20, 2009

Redefining Home (old-ish piece)

If You Find Yourself On Christopher Street

like most places
you’ll see it best
if you bring a child. a child
will see fantasy
where there's kink, say
you'd look great
in that dress
with a small paint on dirt finger
pointed to a chain link frock
with built in ball gag

a child’ll keep you from
wanting to be
half wasted spun out
too charming or sad
to be 86ed by 3pm
on a Monday at Ty's—

if you're a girl
find a girl's hand to hold
buy her Icees at Rivoli or
if she has a sense of humor
the Deli on the corner of Hudson
where the cabbies go
has giant sour pickles
in a jar on the counter

buy her a rainbow belt
or pleather harness
from the bangladeshi guys
across from St. John's Lutheran
or be that kind of lesbian—
buy her a smudge stick
or piece of amethyst
at Stick Stone Bone then
go get her palm read
by the gypsy next to

the Pet Store Cat still alive
magazines still glossy
no new stars etched outside
the Lucille Lortel
guy that looks like Spock
hasn't been in the window at Hangar
McNulty's still has rare teas
and fine coffees
Leather Man NYC still
has the best window on the block
and there's a handwritten sign
for 10.00 poppers on a paper bag
taped to the door frame of
do any of these porn shops
have names?

Bead Store gone
Record Store gone
Candle Store gone
Lilac's gone to Jane Street

let the losses go.
keep your back
to Stonewall,
your eyes
to the river.

swing her hand
find elegy or procession
at the vigil.
drop a flower off the pier
for the lover's left over
who can't stand to be here
another year

closer to the river
better the game of
find the undercover

closer to the river
better the smell
of salt water and bois

closer to the river
hold her hand tighter
swagger deeper
hold your ground

closer to the sunset

closer to boarded windows

closer to the angels

and you'll need them.

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